There’ll little else like Deepin Linux in the distro ecosystem. It has its own bespoke desktop, custom apps, and is a true standout in a sea of (sometimes) broadly samey desktops.

The first major update to the China-based distro this year, Deepin 15.9 features a number of improvements, optimisations, and refinements.

Deepin 15.9 Features

deepin touchscreen support
Deepin 15.9 introduces gesture support

The “big” new feature in Deepin 15.9 sees the Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE) add support for touchscreen gestures, including click, double click, long press and the ability to scroll up and down.

The Onboard onscreen keyboard is also included. This should make it easy to input text input. Onboard can be freely moved around the screen or docked to the bottom.

There are also some additional power management options for both laptop and desktop users, including the ability to set separate monitor and computer suspend times for ‘plugged in’ and ‘on battery’.

Other changes in Deepin 15.9:

  • Control Center supports boot menu picture changing
  • Screensaver
  • Gif preview in Deepin File Manager
  • Improved subtitles in Deepin Movie
  • Various bug fixes

Keen to check the improvements out first hand? You can download Deepin 15.9 from the official project website but do keep in mind that download speeds can be a little on the slow side.

Download Deepin 15.9 (64-bit ISO)

The ISO can also be snagged a bit quicker by downloading it from SourceForge.

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