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Linux Distro ‘Deepin 2014’ Now Available for Download

After months of testing the first stable release of Ubuntu-based Linux distro Deepin (previously known as 'Linux Deepin') is now available for download.

6 July 2014

Linux Deepin 2014 Release Candidate Available to Download

The first release candidate of Ubuntu-based 'Deepin' Linux distribution has been made available to download ahead of a stable release.

16 June 2014

Better Than the Real Thing? 5 Popular Ubuntu Based Distros

Ubuntu might well be the world's most widely used flavour of Linux distribution, but whether it's the best remains a hotly contested, hugely contentious topic.

11 June 2014

Latest Alpha of Linux Distro ‘Deepin’ Brings the Bling (Video)

A video demoing key changes to be found in the upcoming stable release of Ubuntu-based Linux distribution 'Deepin' has been posted online.

4 May 2014
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App Management Quicklist for Unity

As the editor of an Ubuntu-based website it's no surprise that I am continually having to add, edit and remove packages and repositories from my install. To help my - and others - work-flow Linux Deepin developer Bhawani Singh has crafted together a Unity quick-list that puts right-click access to the following package management apps via an item in the Unity launcher.

30 January 2012
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[How To] Easily Install The Slickest Software Center on Linux

Installing software just got easier: The Linux Deepin Software Center is now available to install in Ubuntu 11.10. The software store is easily the gems in the crown of Ubuntu-based Chinese Linux distribution 'Linux Deepin'. It sports a clean layout, low-resource usage, and integrates package management features not present in the Ubuntu Software Centre.

20 January 2012
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Linux Deepin Alt+Tab Switcher Gets Blingy

As visually slick as Ubuntu’s new ALT+Tab switcher looks I will confess to missing the days of old where even the most mundane elements of the desktop were made needlessly blingy via a compiz plugin […]

10 January 2012
Deepin Software Centre in Ubuntu

[How to] Run the Linux Deepin Software Centre in Ubuntu 11.10

Were it an actual physical place then the Linux Deepin Software Centre would surely take the form of a high-end department store. With a custom look, an easy to navigate layout, and a number of intuitive features the Deepin Software Centre makes Ubuntu's default store look a bit... last season. So keep up with the trends: here's how to run the Deepin Software Centre in Ubuntu 11.10...

4 January 2012
LD Software Centre

Linux Deepin Software Centre to be made Available for Ubuntu

Ubuntu users envious of Chinese Linux distro’s slickly-styled ‘Software Centre’ won’t nee to be green-eyed for too long: it’s coming to Ubuntu. Aenon Sun, an employee of the company who support the Ubuntu-based distro, left […]

21 December 2011
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Is This the Best Software Store on Linux?

We take a look at the Linux Deepin Software Centre - an application that is as user-friendly as it is beautiful.

20 December 2011