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Articles spotlighting some of the very best themes, configs and apps for the Conky system stat tool.

‘Conky Colors’ 7.0 Adds Stylish New Theme

User-friendly Conky setup Conky Colors has added a new 'stylish lightening stats' mode as part of its 7.0 release.

9 August 2011
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This ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Ubuntu desktop is gorgeous and simple to achieve

Is your desktop in need of a makeover? The following desktop by DeviantArtist ~votritis, called 'Stairway to heaven', might be just what you're after...

7 June 2011

Five beautifully simple Conky themes

Ahh Conky. The desktop system monitor that comes with an intimidating learning curve is capable of producing some stunning, flashy and crazy looking desktops. Its equally adept at doing understated too, as this selection of five 'simple' Conky themes shows.

12 May 2011

5 Cool Conky Themes for Linux Desktops

Conky is seen by some as an unnecessary stat setup, but if you move past desktops filled with blocks of terminal-style output, Conky is surprisingly capable  — as the following Conky themes prove. Below is a […]

24 January 2011

This Minimal ‘conky Orange’ theme would look great on any desktop

I both love and loathe Conky in equal amounts. For all it's inanely needless complexity it can produce some beautiful things. Just take this minimally-stunning 'Conky orange' theme as a prime example.

16 January 2011

Conky-Faenza Theme Is Like iStatPro for Linux Desktops

Conky-Faenza is, as the name suggests, a Conky set-up with a Faenza flavour.

8 December 2010
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Reversible Conky Clock and calendar Widget

Add some style to your desktop with the above clock/calendar widget by ~jpope777. The reversible widget displays a unique animated clock face on one side and calendar on the reverse. A LED ‘button’ allows you […]

21 October 2010
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HTC-style Weather Clock for your desktop

Add some HTC-inspired beauty to your desktop using the following WeatherClock Conky script. Heavily influenced by the HTC widget available on many smart-phones (and the Windows desktop) it informs you of both the time and […]

4 October 2010
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Faenza icon themed Conky bar for your Ubuntu desktop

If you’re a big fan of the Faenza icon set then chances are the following Faenza styled Conky bar, created by pingsuters over on, is sure to tempt.

29 September 2010

easy to use Lucid-themed conky bar now even easier to use!

Remember that easy to use Lucid-themed Conky bar we showed you back in early May? It’s just got even easier to use. Many of you loved the look of the look of the bar but […]

16 June 2010
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Easy to use Lucid themed Conky bar

Conky is a  is a light-weight system monitor that can be customized extensively (Windows converts think ‘rainmeter’.) and the following Conky theme by Veoduendes certainly proves that. Called ‘Conky Ubuntu Lucid Theme’ (!) it’s designed, […]

5 May 2010