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Articles spotlighting some of the very best themes, configs and apps for the Conky system stat tool.


A Hybrid Clock/Now Playing Conky for Your Desktop

I’ve been looking for a decent “Now Playing” widget for my Ubuntu desktop for a while now, having been inspired by some Rainmeter setups I saw in a thread on Windows desktops. And I finally […]

29 July 2021

The Voyager Linux Distro Offers an Interesting Spin on Xfce

The Voyager Linux distribution wants to take users on a journey to an "aesthetic and immersive" Linux environment — but does it succeed?

11 November 2019
samsung galaxy icon pack on kde plasma

Samsung Galaxy S8 Icon Theme for KDE Plasma

If you're a KDE user who likes the Samsung Galaxy S8 icon pack you should check out the Dex icon theme for KDE Plasma 5.

22 November 2017
Conky Harmatten

Conky Harmattan Adds an Interactive Setup Tool

Conky Harmattan, a beautiful, informative Conky theme for the Linux desktop, is now a bit easier to use thanks to an interactive CLI tool.

18 May 2017

How To Run Multiple Conky Scripts At The Same Time

If you want to run multiple Conky themes at the same time you can do so easily, without installing any extra packages. In this quick tip we show you how.

23 February 2016

Conky Clock Widget That Shows the Current Time In Words

Want to add a cool word clock to your Linux desktop? You can with this ace Conky theme — and we'll walk you through how to install it.

13 February 2016

Jelly Conky Adds Simple, Stylish Stats To Your Linux Desktop

I treat Conky setups a bit like wallpapers: I'll find one I love, only to change it the next week because I'm bored of it and want a change.

8 September 2014
all in one conky circle

LG G3 Style ‘All In One Circle’ Conky Theme

With a near limitless variety of custom-made themes available for it, Conky has always been one of the best ways to add a splash of personality to any humdrum Linux desktop.

9 July 2014

Conky Harmattan Is A Stylish Desktop Companion For Linux

Looking to add stylish system stats to your Linux desktop? Conky Harmatten offers you a slew of options, themes and modes to do just that.

21 January 2014

Add a Google Now-Style Weather Applet to The Ubuntu Desktop

DeviantArt user satya164 has knocked together a Google Now-inspired theme for Conky. And this post will walk you through installing it.

14 May 2013

Smarten Up Your Desktop With This Conky & Wallpaper Combo

The look of people's desktops are a lot like sandwiches. Some are plain and simple, others decorated with all manner of awesome-sauce. But both types can get stale if left alone for too long. If you feel that your own desktop could do with freshening up then the following Conky and wallpaper pairing might just prove to be a good starting point

3 April 2012
Sands of time wallpaper recreated in Ubuntu

The Sands of Time Linux Desktop

Linux user and Deviant Artist Flamer-Shaftglutton has created a stunning Linux desktop using the lightweight system monitor Conky.

1 February 2012