Remember that easy to use Lucid-themed Conky bar we showed you back in early May? It’s just got even easier to use.


Many of you loved the look of the look of the bar but found the hacking needed to get it to fit your screensize a bit off-putting. Thankfully the developer, Veoduendes, has addressed that issue with the launch of a new configuration wizard which makes using the bar a total breeze.

Features of the Wizard

  • Conky bar adaptable to screensize
  • Ability to choose which ‘widgets/stats’ are dia.
  • The ability to embed scripts within the program itself.
  • Ability to re-load and edit saved configurations
  • Available in Spanish and English.


Downloads for 32bit and 64bit Ubuntu are available @

Extract the archive and double-click on the ConkyWizard file to run.

Download Conky Themes Eye Candy