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How Do You Pronounce Ubuntu?

You all know the the word ‘Ubuntu’’ — and if you don’t, how’d you end up here?! — but do you know the correct way to pronounce it? Is it Oo-boon-too? Uh-bun-too? You-bun-too? Urgh-ban-too? Pedants will (quite […]

25 April 2016

Motivation, Community and the Cost of Disagreeing

A vast portion of the people in the open source community are folks who volunteer their time, effort & ideas, freely and without hesitation. Why?

17 February 2013
Mongolian Flag

Ubuntu on the Mongol Steppe – Carving Paths into Emerging Markets

While the Western world flounders in its debt crises and stagnating growth, much of the developing world is telling a different story. Journalist Terrence Edwards explains more in this exclusive guest post for OMG! Ubuntu!

1 November 2012
Leann Ogasawara

We Interview Leann Ogasawara, Canonical Kernel Team Manager, Marathoner and Mother

I first met Leann Ogasawara at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Oakland, California back in May of this year and ever since hearing her talk about the various projects she works on I wanted to get a interview in. Fortunately enough I was able to sync up with Leann to do the following interview despite her very busy schedule.

13 August 2012

Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day Kicks Off; We’d Like To Thank…

Today marks the first Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day - a new initiative designed to 'thank' people in the wider community whose work or inspiration has helped better Ubuntu.

20 November 2011

The Lure of the Community Approach

Since the announce of the fundraising for The Debian Administrator's Handbook, many people commented on the project's approach. Just because it's a free software related project, there should be only one way to do it... let me debunk those claims!

5 October 2011
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Ubuntu Desktop Manager Talks Aiming For Apple, Community Feedback, Unity Polish and More

I had a chance to sit down with Ubuntu's new Desktop Manager, Jason Warner. I met Jason at in Brisbane earlier this year and had a good chat about Unity, and the future of Ubuntu over a beer, but only just now got around to formally interviewing him for OMG! Ubuntu! As Desktop Manager, Jason oversees every release of Ubuntu, and the buck stops at him for quality control. We quizz him about his thoughts on Unity, Ubuntu's mass market appeal, and targeting Apple. Read on for the full interview.

3 August 2011
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Linux 4 Hope takes old computers, installs Ubuntu, gives them to people in need

Garron Haun wrote in to us yesterday to let us know about a project he founded called Linux 4 Hope which aims at rejuvenating donated computers by installing Ubuntu, and then giving them to people in need around his local community.

23 July 2011
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Find your place in the Ubuntu community – hit up Ubuntu Community Week happening now

Half the battle of wanting to contribute to open source is knowing where to start. I remember when I first started contributing to Ubuntu I found it difficult to discover a project to contribute to, especially since I'm not a developer. The Ubuntu community are aware of this, and as such, they've brainstormed a new event that's happening right now.

19 July 2011
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The new ‘Celebrate Ubuntu’ YouTube channel

A new official Ubuntu YouTube channel has popped up - but what is it for?

2 June 2011
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We asked our Facebook fans what they’re doing to share Ubuntu, turns out quite a bit

Last weekend I posted a status update on our OMG! Ubuntu! Facebook page asking our fans to leave a comment with their Ubuntu success stories. A few dozen comments later and we had a nice collection of some stories, everything from people converting their parents to also people replacing Windows XP with Ubuntu on aging school computers in their local community.

10 February 2011
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Please help support Amber and Pete Graner after some devastating news

Last week while Amber and Pete Graner were attending the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Orlando, Florida, they received some very bad news. Lightning had struck their home and it had caught fire, burning to the ground.

31 October 2010