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Ubuntu Global Menu Support comes to Chromium

The latest Daily Builds of open-source browser Chromium have added in experimental support for Ubuntu 11.04's new Global Menu via the about:flags staging area.

12 April 2011
Firefox 4 App Tabs

Firefox 4 released today; it’s faster & feature rich – is it enough to compete with Chrome?

Today marks the release of Mozilla's long awaited Firefox 4. This new version of Firefox boasts that it's faster and simpler to use, as well as introducing a few new features, most notably, Firefox Sync. But is it good enough to compete with Google Chrome?

22 March 2011
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Chromium browser gets new a logo. Ish.

As spotted over on the excellent Chrome-obsessed blog 'Chrome Story' the Chromium daily builds are sporting a redesigned logo

8 March 2011
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Social browser Rockmelt is coming to Linux – just not yet

Rockmelt, the much hyped social web browser famously backed by by Netscape founder Marc Andreessen, is heading to Linux - only not just yet.

11 December 2010
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Get Chromium on Ubuntu To Play mp4, H.264, MP3 & view PDF files natively

Google ChromeOS will do many wonderful things – the free and open-source version ‘Chromium OS’ sadly won’t. Many of these ‘features’ can, given the nature of what Chrome/iumOS is, be enabled easily in both – […]

21 November 2010
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Ohso Quicklaunch Chrome/ium web app

If you’re using a recent-ish version of Google Chrome or Chromium then you have support for ‘web apps’. These are, essentially, ‘pinned’ webpages sans toolbars, but can also be all sorts of custom applications that perform different functions. Thanks to the hard work of Nicolas Leperlier, we now have an Ohso Quick-Launcher type Chrome App!

21 September 2010
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Chromium’s restyled ‘new tab’ page is minimal win

With so many visually important Ubuntu updates landing today it was nice to find something else non-Ubuntu related amongst them. Users of the Chromium Daily Builds may (or may not have depending on level of observation!) […]

27 August 2010
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Use Google Chrome’s Native PDF reader in Chromium

There are various odds and sods in Google Chrome which are exempt from inclusion in the fully open-source development version Chromium. Integrated Flash is one and Chrome’s new native PDF reader is another. The reasons […]

6 July 2010
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Chrome Dev Channel adds GNOME Keyring support for saving passwords

The Google Chrome dev channel (as well as the Chromium daily builds) recently gained preliminary support for storing user passwords in the native system keyring rather than, as currently, the built-in unencrypted password store. Whilst […]

3 July 2010
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UDS-M: Chromium to be default browser in Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition

The Opensource Chromium browser – the base behind Google Chrome – will be the default browser in Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Netbook Edition – at least until Alpha 3! Speed The decision, taken today in the […]

13 May 2010
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Enable Bookmark Sync In Chromium

I tweeted this news yesterday but in case you don’t use twitter or it got lost in the chatter, here’s the news again. Enable Bookmark Sync To enable bookmark sync in Chromium (That’s Chromium, not […]

16 November 2009