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Vivaldi web browser logo

Vivaldi Web Browser Turns 5, Celebrates with New Features

Vivaldi celebrates its 5th year of existence with a new update. The latest build of the feature-filled browser adds a translate panel and shareable themes.

2 December 2021
Chromium API rescinded

Use Chromium? Sync Features Will Stop Working on March 15

Chromium will lose several key features when Google revokes access to private APIs in March. It recommends affected users switch to Google Chrome.

24 January 2021
Google Stadia logo

Does Stadia Work on Ubuntu? Well Yeah, Kinda… (Updated)

Does Stadia work on Ubuntu? Yes, in both Google Chrome and Chromium. In this post we look at one users' experience playing Destiny on Stadia.

24 November 2019
Microsoft edge chromium and linux

It’s Official: Microsoft Edge is Coming to Linux

Microsoft Edge for Linux is coming next year, Redmond has announced. Microsoft announced the Linux build on stage at the Ignite 2019 conference.

5 November 2019
Discord Linux app

Proper Linux Screen Sharing is Coming to Chromium & Electron Apps like Discord

Multi-monitor Linux users will soon be able to share a specific screen in apps like Google Meet, Hangouts and Discord thanks to a new patch in Chromium.

21 October 2019
installing chromium on ubuntu

Install Chromium on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS & Linux Mint

Here's how to install Chromium on Ubuntu the easy way, without using source code downloads, on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and above, as well as Linux Mint.

26 August 2019
Microsoft edge chromium and linux

Must Read: Microsoft Say Edge May Come to Linux “Eventually”

Linux builds of Microsoft Edge (the new version using Chromium) aren't available yet, but the Edge team say it's something they'd 'like to do eventually'.

9 April 2019
Microsoft edge chromium and linux

With Its Switch to Chromium, Will Microsoft Edge Come to Linux?

The Microsoft Edge web browser is to be rebuilt on top of Chromium, Microsoft has said. The browser will retains its UI and support more platforms.

6 December 2018
hardware acceleration on linux -- google says no

Google Has ‘No Plans’ to Enable Chrome Hardware Acceleration on Linux

Google says it has no plans to enable Chrome hardware acceleration on Linux — not even as an experimental option. The news is certain to be greeted with groans by those who struggle to stream […]

4 October 2018

Google Chrome Now Uses Native GTK Window Buttons on Linux

Google Chrome now draws native GTK window buttons for minimisze, maximize and close in the latest development builds rather than using custom controls.

9 October 2017
chromium with gtk3 support

Why The Next Chromium Update Will Look a Lot Nicer On Linux

The next stable update to Chromium uses GTK3 by default. This means Chromium 59 is able to adopt more of the underlying GTK theme of the desktop.

5 June 2017
google chrome may soon use native linux notifications

Chrome Adds Initial Support for Native Linux Desktop Notifications

Last month we told you that Google Chrome might start using native notifications on Linux — and now the first bit of code to enable this has landed.

5 April 2017