Little has been heard of Ubuntu’s multi-touch framework ‘uTouch’ of late – but it seems for good reason.

The uTouch team have today demoed ‘pixel perfect scrolling’ in the open-source web-browser Chromium in Ubuntu, a feat made possible by taking advantage of Ubuntu’s touch-friendly technology stack.

The effort is part of the teams goal of ‘adding multitouch and gesture support to major browsers on the Linux desktop.’

And so far so good: the two-finger drag gesture, as demoed in the video below, offers up some impressive results.

Support for one and two-finger tap gestures, and two finger pinching, are also in progress.

The patch enabling this feature has been submitted ’upstream’ to Chromium, where it will be reviewed for potential inclusion.

Going Further

You can read more about the uTouch team’s work on ‘Chromium Touch’ @

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