[How To] Run Chrome OS in Ubuntu

Ever wanted to play with ChromeOS? A new unofficial ‘hack’ for Ubuntu lets you do just that – and with a minimum of fuss.

The lightdm-chromeos-login project installs the ChromiumOS desktop, compete with the Aura window manager, within Ubuntu. It even lets you login it to a full-blown Chrome desktop straight from the login screen.

[How to] Convert Ubuntu into ChromeOS (kinda)

Whether the hype surrounding Google’s soon-to-launch ChromeBooks has left you wanting a piece of the action, or whether you’d just rather have a “quickboot” interface for Ubuntu that gets you on the web in seconds, the following ‘conversion’ guide may prove useful.

Download the default user avatars for Chrome OS

Do you use a ‘picture’ for your user account? Most don’t, but I find that it makes using Ubuntu a weeny bit more personable at log-in time.

Ubuntu ships with a healthy heap of choices, but if they don’t do it for you the following avatars, bound for Chrome OS and uncovered by the folks over at Chrome OS Story, just might.