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Canonical Joins The Open Invention Network; helping to secure The future of Linux

Ubuntu’s parent company Canonical have become the first member to sign up to the ‘Open Invention Network’s new associate membership program. The Open Invention Network exists to acquire patents and license them royalty free to […]

24 June 2010
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Buy a Limited edition lynx toy from Ubuntu & help Save real Lynx’s, too!

Users buying the new limited edition Lynx toy from the Canonical store will also be helping to save real Lynx’s in the process. Ubuntu’s parent company Canonical are donating a portion of each Lynx toy […]

26 May 2010
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Canonical licenses H.264 – Theora out for the count? [Updated]

Canonical are currently the only Linux company to license H.264/AVC, the patented non-free technology used to compress video and favoured by companies such as Apple & Microsoft for HTML5 Video. Neither RedHat, makers of Fedora, […]

4 May 2010
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Canonical CTO Matt Zimmerman Talks Window buttons, mono & more

In an interview with the Ubuntu Turkey LoCo team Canonical CTO Matt Zimmerman discusses the reasons behind some of the recent controversial changes to Ubuntu ” from the removal of photo editor GIMP to the […]

20 April 2010
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Mark Shuttleworth To Step Down As CEO Of Canonical

Mark Shuttleworth has announced that he is to step down as CEO of Canonical, the financial backers of Ubuntu. The CEO duties of Canonical will be handed over to Jane Silber (pictured right), the current […]

17 December 2009
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Canonical ‘contracting engineering’ to Google

Canonical (the commercial funder/creator of Ubuntu) are contributing ‘engineering’ to Google (for ChromeOS, presumably) under contract. The official statement posted on the Canonical blog reads as follows. Congratulations to Google on the open sourcing of […]

19 November 2009
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Will Ubuntu 9.10 Run On Your Computer?

Canonical – the financial backers of Ubuntu – have developed a diagnostics software kit, installable on a USB thumb drive, to help users identify what bits of their hardware will work with Ubuntu and what […]

23 September 2009