Canonical are over in Taipei this week for the annual Computex technology convention.

Computex is pretty big deal. It’s the largest technology event in Asia, and all types of companies attend to show off their latest services, gadgets and prototypes.

Canonical are over there to drum up interest in their Ubuntu TV, Ubuntu for Android and their cloud services.

And so far it sounds like they’re doing great.

“We’ve been extremely busy at Computex,” writes Canonical’s John Bernard, “with over 1,000 people visiting the Ubuntu booth, and over 25 media interviews about Ubuntu for Android, Ubuntu Cloud and Ubuntu TV.

Not just that, during a talk by Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth, a new ARM server – only the third in the world – was unveiled.

Canonical have been investing heavily in Ubuntu on ARM, with the OS poised to become the de facto install on these new generation of low-cost, low-energy servers.

But pushing all of the “business” talk aside, I have to give special mention to the designers of their booth: It’s a thing of beauty.

Image credit: Canonical

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