As the Kubuntu Community prepares for changes that come along with their new sponsorship from Blue Systems there is also an active dialogue between Blue Systems and Canonical to go over potential Trademark issues that could arise from the new sponsorship that resulted after Canonical withdraw financial support for the Community distribution.

I recently had a discussion today with David Wonderly of the Kubuntu Council who informed me that the few of the members of the Kubuntu Council and Community share a legitimate concern regarding whether the Community will be allowed to offer Commercial Support since the current Canonical Trademark Policy restricts use of the Trademarks for Commercial Purpose.

David Wonderly did however say that this new sponsorship means “community support will not only continue but, will get stronger. As of the end of May, Blue Systems will have hired two full time developers for Kubuntu.”

In addition to speaking with David Wonderly I was able to reach Jonathan Riddell and when discussing the situation he said “they [Canonical] have invested millions in it.”

The Kubuntu Council through David Wonderly did assure me that they intend to keep the Community abreast of any changes as they transition to this new sponsorship and that Official Announcements can always be found at

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