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‘Super Boot Manager’ eases BURG, GRUB, Plymouth tweaking pains

The newly launched 'Super Boot Manager' application, created by the developers behind graphical boot menu BURG, aims to streamline and simplify the process of tweaking the GRUB, BURG and Plymouth boot screens.

25 May 2011
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GRUB customizer app makes tweaking your bootloader a breeze

'Grub Customizer' aims to make it a bit easier, providing a graphicl interface for allows for changing/setting various grub2/burg settings.

5 May 2011
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Beautiful BURG boot-loader gets Ubuntu 11.04 PPA

Installed Ubuntu 11.04 but miss your sexy BURG bootloader? Fear not, a forward thinking chap, Nate Muench, has knocked up a PPA that publishes BURG for use in Ubuntu 11.04.

2 May 2011
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GRUB2 gfxmenu theming guide

BURG. That fancy themeable bootloader we chant about at least once a month, ever growing in popularity and continuing to rack up new themes by the week, but not everyone is happy.

30 November 2010
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Burg manager app updated with new themes, new features

Easy graphical BURG boot-loader tool ‘BURG Manager’ has been updated to version 1.0. Alongside bug fixes and translations several new features make this release notable: – make an appearance, including: – Ability to restore burg […]

14 November 2010
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‘Lightness’ BURG theme

A new theme for graphical GRUB replacement BURG by ~SWOriginal (increasingly one of our favourite designers) has been released. Called ‘Lightness’ the theme was designed to feel ‘calm, clean & modern’ according to its designer, and certainly gives a beautifully minimalistic introduction to your boot time.

4 October 2010
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BURG fan? Put your talents to work and help create this theme

Bored? Nothing better to do? Why not help out Manu Järvinen who mailed us a plea for help on turning his rather swish BURG theme idea into a boot loading beauty. “I am a designer […]

24 August 2010
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Fortune BURG theme adds Faenza style to boot time (Updated)

Fans of the great looking graphical GRUB boot loader replacement ‘BURG‘will no doubt be pleased to see yet another sterling theme is now available to use, install and gush over at every single boot. Called […]

17 August 2010
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BURG Boot loader installation, themeing & more gets even easier with BURG Manager app

The process of installing BURG – the easy way to get a graphical, good-looking bootloader – has been made easier thanks to a new ‘BURG Manager’ application which provides users with a graphical front-end for configuring and managing various […]

14 July 2010
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OMG! 5! – Five keys to press during burg boot

Everyone loves button pushing and beautiful boot loader BURG gives you a copious selection to choose from. Better yet they’re useful! Here’s our dandy high-5 list of five buttons to press during your BURG boot. […]

8 July 2010
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Dark Shine BURG Theme adds transpicuous vibrancy to your boot screen

Add some ambiance (no, not that one) to your BURG boot-loader with SWOrginal’s Dark Shine Burg theme – a vibrant hyaline-like theme reminiscent of speeding city lights at night. Download file and easy-install script in the link […]

25 June 2010
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Get Animated, Themed, Icon Only GRUB Menu Using BURG – now simple to use!

We all know that the GRUB loading menu that greets many of upon boot isn't the most stylish or modern looking interface - even adding a poorly pixelated picture background can't save it from looking lame. Getting a gorgeous, animated and informative boot-loader is no longer a dream thanks to 'Brand New Universal Bootloader' (more commonly referred to as 'BURG'.)

10 June 2010