imageFans of the great looking graphical GRUB boot loader replacement ‘BURG‘will no doubt be pleased to see yet another sterling theme is now available to use, install and gush over at every single boot.

Called ‘Fortune‘,the theme is striking in design with its woody textured background and use of the superb Faenza icon set.

Not every OS or distro rocks out with a tile-y style ‘faenza’ icon however. In such cases Fortune defaults to the native BURG icons where needed but the creator is looking to remedy this ASAP.

Current distro’s & OSes that have slick icons are: –

  • Ubuntu
  • Fedora
  • Debian
  • OpenSUSE
  • Mandriva
  • Linux MINT
  • Gentoo
  • PCLinuxOS
  • Sabayon
  • Slackware

And, no groaning at the back,

  • Windows
  • Apple

The theme is the work of ‘OrphanShadow over on Gnome-look, where it can also be downloaded.

Like it? Love it? Leave your critiques, suggestions or optional adoration in the comment space below
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