Installed Ubuntu 11.04 but miss your sexy BURG bootloader?

Ambiance theme

Fear not, a forward thinking chap, Nate Muench, has knocked up a PPA that publishes BURG for use in Ubuntu 11.04.

Note that the files are the same packages as supplied for Ubuntu 10.10 but built for Ubuntu 11.04.

Confusing? A bit. Do they work fine? Yes.

Install BURG Bootloader in Ubuntu 11.04

Upgrading your boot-manager to BURG is not recommended unless you’re aware of what you’re doing and how to reverse any changes.

Add ‘ppa:n-muench/burg’ to your Software Sources

Once added – and, importantly, updated – click the button beneath to install all of the required packages, themes and what-not.


Install BURG to your Master Boot Record

For BURG to work you need to install it to your MBR. This is easily achieved by issuing the command below in a fresh Terminal session.

Remember to substitute ‘hd0? with the drive on which your MBR is installed. This usually, but not typically, located on your primary HDD.

  • sudo burg-install “(hd0)”
Update BURG entries

You MUST run this step or you may be left scratching your head upon reboot when nothing shows up

  • sudo update-burg

Burg ships with a selection of (admittedly pretty) themes by default. To switch/change between theme is simple:

  • Reboot
  • Press ‘T’ on your keyboard when at the BURG screen
  • Using your arrow keys select a theme from the list that appears
  • Hit enter for it to be applied


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