BURG. That fancy themeable bootloader we chant about at least once a month, ever growing in popularity and continuing to rack up new themes by the week.

It’s easily one of the most popular ‘hacks’ for the more-experienced user to apply.

As BURG is fork of GRUB2’s gfxmenu not everyone is happy that it’s hogging the limelight.

A reader called Matt got in touch to vent on this, saying that he’s been left  disappointed at the lack of news and documentation on GRUB2’s graphical menu (gfxmenu)’, which he claims is ‘the cleanest way to provide graphical theming to grub.’

Given the work on GRUB2’s graphical menu has been going on for 4 years it is rather a shame that it’s not making greater waves in the design community.

Taking the initiative he has forked a version of Colin D. Bennett’s unmaintained ‘GRUB2 GFXMenu theming manual’, making it easily available for those interested in exploring the design capabilities that gfxmenu offers.


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