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Do You Remember These 5 Linux Apps?

A reader's tweet left us feeling all nostalgic so join us as we go back to 2009 and look at 5 Linux apps we all used to use, but now never do…

9 February 2017
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Give Ubuntu a New Look with the ‘Edgebound Desktop’

Want your desktop to look totally different to others? Meet the 'Edgebound' desktop set-up. This marvellous-looking mash-up combines elements of Unity-2D and GNOME 3 with the Avant Window Navigator into a slick , easy to use desktop.

22 January 2012
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This ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Ubuntu desktop is gorgeous and simple to achieve

Is your desktop in need of a makeover? The following desktop by DeviantArtist ~votritis, called 'Stairway to heaven', might be just what you're after...

7 June 2011
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AWN ‘taskbar’ style proposed; docks to come full-circle?

Window Dock applications such as AWN, Docky and Kiba are often used by users seeking something with more visual pizazz than the traditional 'icon + text' window option present in the default GNOME-Panel. But what if the traditional way could also be made to look "sexy"?

27 March 2011
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Create a minimialist ‘Wingpanel’ using AWN [Video]

Minimalistic desktop panel app 'Wingpanel' looks good but remains far too unstable for everyday use. In the meantime it's easy to 'recreate' the look of a side-bound mini-panel using other applications.

9 January 2011
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Docky/AWN get ‘WorkRave’ RSI app helper

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) prevention tool Workrave has gained some backup assistance for notifying you that it’s time for a rest break in the form of Docky and AWN helpers. With the helper enabled you […]

19 November 2010
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How to use a custom icon with GnoMenu on AWN

If you use the popular GnoMenu application in AWN you'll find yourself stuck with a gold foot as your main launch icon - which is great if you like giant golden feet, less so if you were hoping for something more configurable. Here's how to use your own icon.

13 September 2010
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How to fully replace your GNOME panels with AWN

Long to ditch the old-skool GNOME panels and rock it with a dock and some bling? A very nice reader by the handle of sub7i dropped off a tutorial detailing exactly how you can achieve this. Everything you need is provided behind the read more link...

9 September 2010
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indicator applets now work with awn

Ubuntu’s Indicator Applets now work with the latest testing version of popular Dock AWN. The port, an oft-requested feature by AWN users, now allows users to benefit from some of the unique features Application indicators […]

14 June 2010
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New Experimental AWN build ‘Lucido’ is beautiful, great to use

The world and its dog knows that I’m a Docky die-hard but even my jaw dropped a little when Ulbadulba sent me a preview of his new experimental AWN build dubbed ‘Lucido’. It. Is. Crazy. […]

17 May 2010
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You choose the best Dock for Ubuntu [Poll]

This weeks OMG! Vote is on everyone’s favourite panel replacers – Docks! Before your raise your hand in favour of one here’s a quite rundown of the entries… Docky Formerly part of launcher application ‘Do’, […]

20 April 2010
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AWN 0.4.0 released; serious docky contender?

The latest ” and arguably greatest ” version of desktop dock application AWN has been released. This version sees a massive array of new features and improvements ” largely down to the complete re-write this […]

12 April 2010