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New Experimental AWN build ‘Lucido’ is beautiful, great to use

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

The world and its dog knows that I’m a Docky die-hard but even my jaw dropped a little when Ulbadulba sent me a preview of his new experimental AWN build dubbed ‘Lucido’.

It. Is. Crazy. Good.

It takes AWN away from just being a window manager and jettisons it fully into the land of panel-replacement territory ” with a slick interface to boot. This is exactly the kind of direction AWN needs to be taking, in my opinion at least, in order to “keep up” with the joneses’ ” in this case Docky.

Enough of boring you with too many details, just watch the video below to see it in action or scroll on down for installation instructions.

The new AWN Experimental build ‘Lucido’ demoed by its creator

Install AWN Lucido in Ubuntu

To try it out yourself you’ll need to do ensure you have the latest awn-extras and have bzr installed, too.

  • sudo apt-get install build-essential vala-desktop-agnostic checkinstall
  • sudo apt-get build-dep avant-window-navigator
  • bzr branch lp:~albyrock87/awn/awn-lucido
  • cd awn-lucido
  • ./ –prefix=/usr
  • make
  • sudo make checkinstall

Leave us your thoughts below once you’ve tried it out and remember to report any bugs, quirks or $2 bills you find squashed down on the AWN forum page @ this link.