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AWN 0.4.0 released; serious docky contender?

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

The latest — and arguably greatest — version of desktop dock application AWN has been released.

This version sees a massive array of new features and improvements — largely down to the complete re-write this version has received.

What are the new features? I’ll let the official announcement do the talking : –

  • Awn can be finally positioned on any edge of the screen.
  • You can now pick among these background styles: Flat, Edgy, 3D, Curved, Floaty.
  • Expanded mode (Awn will cover whole screen width).
  • Autohide was completely revamped and Awn now supports Intellihide and Window Dodge modes.
  • Loading and crash indicators – no more white lines!
  • Added possibility to change Awn’s alignment – you don’t have to have it centered.
  • Awn tries to blend in with your theme colors by default.
  • Addition of four beautiful themes.
  • Most of the icons can be changed by simply dragging an icon file onto them.
  • Basic support for environments without compositing (desktop-effects).
  • Added simple Preferences applet (drag it to screen edges / different monitors to quickly change Awn orientation).
  • Task manager applet now supports grouping of windows.



    I do keen meaning to cover AWN here at OMG! It’s a solid dock and, in this release, gains a lot of the professional polish that previous versions have lacked.

    It’s likely still a dock for those more comfortable with poking around in settings and options — as the preferences screen shows — but the features it offers in this dialogue are not superfluous and are logically laid out.

    Other new features include new ‘panel painting’ abilities – such as the new style media controller: –


    One of the biggest selling points of AWN 0.4.0 is likely the ‘edgy’ dock mode which can effectively replace the bottom panel should a user so wish.Selection_001

    Whilst I’m still very firmly in camp Docky – the integration, docklets and ‘helpers’ it brings far outweigh the bling and spinning hover effects of AWN – AWN 0.4.0 is a very much release that screams to at least tried. who knows, it might just change the way you use your desktop!


    Lucid users will find AWN 0.4.0 inside the Software Centre and can install by clicking the one-click button below.onelick

    Karmic through Hardy users will find 0.4.0 available in the AWN-Core PPA during the next day or two.