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Linux Mint 19.1 Will Feature a ‘Modern’ Desktop Layout

We’re expecting the release of Linux Mint 19.1 to arrive just before the Christmas holidays and, like your nearest and dearest, it’ll be bringing a few surprises with it. The Linux 19.1 release will include the Cinnamon […]

31 October 2018
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Ubuntu Budgie 18.04 Looks like a Brilliant Upgrade

I have to say folks, Ubuntu Budgie 18.04 is shaping up to be a one heck of a release. It’s no secret that I think the nimble GNOME-based Budgie desktop is one of the best alternatives […]

10 March 2018
Brisk Menu Applet v0.5

Brisk Menu 0.5 Released with ‘Favoriting’ & Desktop Action Support

Brisk menu 0.5 has been released. The fast, efficient app menu applet for MATE desktop adds support for adding apps to a 'favorites' category.

2 November 2017
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Budgie Desktop User? Here’s 5 Applets You Should Be Using

Are you a Budgie desktop user wanting to add a bit more functionality to your nimble, lightweight desktop? Well you can, by adding Budgie applets. Budgie applets are like little souped-up mini-apps that live in […]

24 June 2017
cinnamon desktop

4 Useful Cinnamon Desktop Applets for Linux Mint Users

The Cinnamon desktop is pretty great to use thanks to its sleek, simple layout. But by adding Cinnamon applets you can make it even better.

24 October 2016
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Quickly Kill Rogue Apps in Ubuntu with FlashFreeze

Sometimes applications crashes, freeze or otherwise develop an appetite for every last byte of system resources. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen. When an application 'crashes' it usually doesn't require any input from you (other than banging your head against the wall at any unsaved work now lost). But applications that decide to 'hang' or 'freeze' not only get in the way of you carrying on with whatever you were doing but can often max out your system resources - leaving you with no option but to reboot or nose-dive into the command line. That's where FlashFreeze by Sergey 'shnatsel' Davidoff is of use.

16 October 2011
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Drag & Drop Evernote Uploader for Ubuntu’s Unity Launcher

Evernote – it’s one of the most widely used note taking/to do applications around, yet it still lacks an official Ubuntu client. We’ve covered Evernote clone ‘Nevernote‘ previously, but if you’re seeking something less full-blown […]

3 October 2011
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Audio Recorder Applet lets you record any audio from your sound card, microphone, more

Need something small and handy for recording soundcard audio? Audio Recorder Applet is, as the name implies, a recording applet for your GNOME panel. This small tool allows you to record audio from your system soundcard, microphones, browsers, webcams & more. Put simply. if it plays out of your speakers you can record it!

8 September 2010
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Busyhot panel applet monitors CPU load, temperature

Monitor CPU load and temperature from your panel using this neat little tool by the developers of Fotoxx.

4 September 2010
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GoogSysTray 1.2.0 Released – adds previews, new features

A new version of popular Google services notification tray application (!) GoogSysTray has been released. This version adds Google Docs support, mail previews, new Gmail features, Gnome Keying support & “a bunch of new translations”. […]

22 June 2010
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Cardapio – alternative Gnome panel menu, launcher & so much more

Bored of your regular applications menu? Swap it out with Cardápio- a panel applet menu replacement with plenty of features up its sleeve. It allows full access to all of your installed applications and system options […]

3 June 2010
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DockBarX Adds live thumbnail previews

The popular window grouping and manipulation applet DockBarX has added support for live window thumbnails – not unlike that offered in Windows 7. It does this by making use of the KDE compatibility plugin available in Compiz, […]

2 June 2010