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Red Hat Worries as Amazon Targets Enterprise with New Linux Distro

The launch of Amazon Linux 2 marks Amazon's most concerted foray in to the enterprise yet, a move that is some suggest fear will see it compete against Red Hat.

3 January 2018
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Amazon Web App Is Sticking Around in Ubuntu 17.10

The Amazon web-app shortcut will still come preinstalled with Ubuntu 17.10, pinned to the GNOME Shell favourites bar, and it will use the default browser.

1 June 2017
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Ubuntu ‘Spyware’ Will Be Disabled In Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Unity's controversial online search feature is being disabled by default in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, due for release in April.

8 January 2016

Ubuntu To Make Amazon Product Results ‘Opt-In’

Future versions of Ubuntu will not show users Amazon product results in the Unity Dash by default — a reversal of a core feature introduced to desktop users in 2012.

31 March 2014
mintbox 2

Linux Mint ‘MintBox 2’ PC Launches on Amazon in Europe, Soon Sells Out

The Linux Mint-powered MintBox mini-PC has launched in Europe priced at €599, and is available to buy direct from Amazon.

21 March 2014
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Remove Product Suggestions from Unity Dash in Ubuntu 13.10 and 14.04

Whether you find Unity's shopping suggestions to be a subtle invasion of privacy, or a solution in need of a problem, Ubuntu make it easy to disable results you don't want to see.

17 January 2014

Ubuntu’s Amazon Shopping Feature Wins Anti-Privacy Award

Ubuntu is no stranger to awards and accolades, but the latest trophy to be presented to the project is one that's unlikely to go on display.

28 October 2013

Get Amazon Prime, 4oD and Other DRM-Protected Flash Working in Ubuntu 13.10

Getting Amazon Prome, 4OD, Demand 5, or Google Play Movies to work on Ubuntu 13.10 requires a little bit of effort, but it can be done.

25 October 2013
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Mark Shuttleworth Explains Ubuntu’s New ‘Amazon Suggestions’ Feature

Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Ubuntu, has taken to his blog to add context to the latest controversial change in Ubuntu: shopping results.

23 September 2012
Amazon results in Unity

Online Shopping Feature Arrives in Ubuntu 12.10

Amazon shopping results have been integrated into the Dash of Ubuntu 12.10. The feature comes a day after news that Ubuntu were adding Amazon and Ubuntu One Music web-apps as default items on Unity launcher.

21 September 2012
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Amazon Launch Desktop Cloud Drive Apps – But Not for Linux

Despite powering much of the cloud infrastructure that keeps millions of users files and folder online, Linux desktop users don’t seem to be having much luck when it comes to benefitting from the services themselves. […]

2 May 2012
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Banshee Alpha for Windows coming next week and other Banshee news

The much anticipated alpha release of Banshee for Windows is coming next week. The Windows port is attracting a lot of new contributors, bringing our new Windows effort up to 5 people actively working on […]

21 February 2011