A little bit of fluff for your Sunday amusement: it seems Amazon Alexa has rather excellent taste in computer operating systems!

Owners of devices like the Amazon Echo Dot have learned that Amazon’s voice-controlled digital assistant, launched back in 2014, has a soft spot for a certain Linux-based OS…

Alexa’s preference for Ubuntu doesn’t appear to be a one-off “personalisation” fluke, either. Other Alexa owners have posed the AI the exact same question and gotten a similar response:

Now, for the record, it doesn’t seem that Alexa only likes Ubuntu.

Amazon’s AI assistant appears to have a couple of stock responses to this particular question, the majority of which “avoid” being specific, proffering up a generic non-committal answer instead.

But when Alexa does choose to be specific she often mentions Ubuntu — though depending on how the Alexa account was configured she’s also reported to have a preference for Windows too (boo).

Still, it’s nice to hear that Ubuntu figures at all. She doesn’t, from replies to Stuart’s original tweet, appear to mention macOS, Android, iOS or even FireOS, Amazon’s in-house Android fork.

Perhaps Ubuntu’s dominance in cloud workloads — Alexa Skills run in the cloud — has suitably impressed the versatile voice assistant?

That or this is just another example of interconnected devices and tech corps knowing every little detail about our lives in order to keep us content and compliant within the reassuring familiarity of our demographically dictated echo champers. </cynicism>

Hero image via Mashable

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