I treat Conky setups a bit like wallpapers: I’ll find one I love, only to change it the next week because I’m bored of it and want a change.

Part of the impatience is fuelled by the ever-growing catalog of designs available. One of my most recent favourites is Jelly Conky.

jelly conky

Jelly Conky sports the minimal design many of the Conky’s we’ve highlighted recently have followed. It’s not trying to be a kitchen sink. It won’t win favour with those who need constant at-a-glance data on their HDD temperatures and IP addresses.

It comes with three distinct modes that can all add personality to an otherwise static background image:

  • Clock
  • Clock plus date
  • Clock plus date and weather

Some people don’t understand the point of having a duplicate clock on show on the desktop. That’s understandable. For me, it’s more about form than function (though, personally, I find Conky clocks easier to see than the minuscule digits nestled in my upper panel).

Chances are if you have a home screen widget on Android with the time, you won’t mind having one on your desktop, either!

You can download Jelly Conky from the link below. The .zip archive contains a readme with instructions on how to install. For a guided walkthrough, revisit one of our previous articles.

Download Jelly Conky on Deviant Art

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