cinnamon-themesFolks, we have a winner. 

We’ve spent the past fortnight trying to find the very best themes for the Cinnamon desktop environment.

Hundreds of you took the time to nominate your favourite themes. We shared the five best Cinnamon themes in a post last week.

Of the five most suggested we asked you to pick an overall winner.

The poll has now closed. The winner has been decided.

Drum roll please…

You Say Numix Is The BEST Cinnamon Theme

Numix Cinnamon Theme

Numix has been declared the best Cinnamon theme by OMG! Ubuntu! readers.

The theme won the poll with approximately 40% of the vote — a clear and decisive victory for what is a clear and deserving winner.


Second place goes to Windows 10 Light. I’m surprised; I expected this theme to suffer because of its clear Microsoft connection but it seems you’re all mature enough to not care.

While I was expecting more votes than the 1.5ka we got — Cinnamon is perhaps not half as popular as painted — it is at least a clear and decisive win for the Numix Project team.

Final Vote Results:

  1. Numix (40%)
  2. Windows 10 Light (18%)
  3. Minty (17%)
  4. Zukitwo (15%)
  5. Tomcat (10%)

What topic should our next readers’ choice be on? Email clients? Conky? Code editors? Let us know! 

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