Another day and another set of Unity mock-ups.

This time from the hand of Ubuntu user staticd, who wonders whether the position of the ‘Lens bar’ – which appears at the bottom of the Dash in Ubuntu 11.10 – could be better placed – could be better placed.

I think they could be. Having to ‘travel’ to the bottom of the Dash to change lens, then back up to the search bar, and then back to the bottom to switch back to a different Lens is minorly annoying.

This annoyance will be partly rectified in Ubuntu 12.04 as Lenses are planned to be draggable’ from the Dash and onto the Launcher.

But back to the Dash: staticd mocked up and posted some examples of alternative Lens positions to the Ayatana mailing list: –

Where would you like to see Lenses placed within the Dash?

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