A new poll on Aol’s ‘customer feedback’ forum’ is calling for AIM to be ported to Linux.


As a Brit the whole “AIM” (Aol Instant Messenger) craze never really caught on over here – despite the fact it once boasted some 52% of the American IM market.

I can recall being perplexed when online folk would ask me if I “had AIM”. My typically naive reply would be something like: “Only when using the scope on my nerf gun.”

But the 14-year old service is still used by many and, despite the fluctuating fortunes of AOL itself, is still supported.


The AIM chat client was revamped and relaunched earlier this year with new software for Windows and OS X, iPhone and Android. A web app for transient chatters using the service was also launched.

But some think AIM should be providing a client for Ubuntu/Linux users too.

To help bring this in to actuality a thread has been set up on AIM’s ‘Customer Feedback’ forum. Here, anyone agreeing with the ‘call’ can hit the ‘vote’ button and (just call me cynical on a Sunday) see their request fall on deaf ears.

It’s worth pointing out that both Pidgin and Empathy – Ubuntu/Linux’s most popular IM clients – both support AIM. The new AIM web-application also works in Ubuntu.
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