Y’know how the Elementary team are toying with Rhythmbox right now? Well it might just end up looking like the slick puppy below…

Elementary’s designer Dan Rabbit has moulded a ‘collection of ideas for a nice media player’ into a mock-up and shared it on his DeviantArt page.

Termed ‘Noise Media Player’ the mock-ups certainly takes cues form Rhythmbox – and bares more than a passing resemblance to the in-development Rhythm-e music player. The vast deserts of unused space Rhythmbox so loves to cling onto are ditched in favour of a compact and user-friendly toolbar that is entirely configurable via a toolbar editor.

Dan, talking on the designs, has an answer for those in a panic about the lack of a volume button – ‘That’s what the sound indicator is for.’

‘Also, I know the modebutton is on the left and in Nautilus it’s on the right. I did it this way in order to compact the interface and have the play status still be centered. Of course, there will be a toolbar editor and you can always put it on the right side.’

As a mock-up it’s beautiful and something I would so sorely love to see on my desktop…

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