arc dark theme for harmony music player

If you’re a fan of  the Harmony music player and the (wonderful) Arc GTK theme, you’ll be interested in this little ‘hack’ by Github user ~.

By replacing just one file you can re-theme Harmony’s built-in dark mode to better match up with the colour palette and styling of the Arc GTK theme.

Simple enough, right?

For comparison, here’s what Harmony looks like under Arc, using its standard theme:

harmony music player

How To Apply the Harmony Arc Theme

To attempt the theme switch for yourself you need to download this replacement .css file. Next, open the following location in Nautilus as a root user (if you install Harmony) or (choosing the ‘overwrite/replace’ option when asked);:


Restart Harmony for the change to take effect, and then enjoy!

Should you install any future updates to Harmony then, sadly, you will overwrite the custom .css file you just added (but as


H/t Sherlock
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