cinnamon 3.2 vertical panels

Cinnamon 3.2 was released today — and no doubt many of  you are itching to try it out on Ubuntu.

To sample the latest tasty changes offered up in the latest Cinnamon desktop release early you could use a testing PPA — but you no longer need to.

The Embrosyn PPA is the quasi-official way to install Cinnamon on Ubuntu and other *buntu-based distributions. And it’s just been updated with the very latest release.

Yup, you can now install Cinnamon 3.2 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and above, without risking any major breakages.

What’s New in Cinnamon 3.2?

The Cinnamon 3.2 update delivers a robust set of changes to the desktop, including support for vertical panels, audible notifications, and sleek new menu animations.

Other features n’ fixes include:

  • Support for vertical panels
  • “Peek at desktop” feature
  • Support for audible notifications
  • Improved keyboard applet
  • Option to show percentage next to volume slider
  • Menu animation settings
  • Improved workspace switcher
  • ‘Simplified’ wallpaper manager
  • Applet layout tweaks
  • Various bug fixes

You can check out the full changelog for the comprehensive list of changes and fixes in this release.

How to install Cinnamon 3.2 in Ubuntu


If you’re reading this article from ubuntu 16.04 LTS or later add the Embrosyn Cinnamon PPA to your software sources. How? By running the following commands in a new terminal window:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:embrosyn/cinnamon
sudo apt update && sudo apt install cinnamon

The latter command will pull down and install the Cinnamon desktop session and all of its required dependencies. Once installation is complete, log out of Unity (or whichever desktop session you’re using) and log back in, remembering to select the ‘Cinnamon’ session from the Unity Greeter.

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