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Here you can discover the latest Linux apps, software and system utilities to use on Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and related distributions, from office suites and music players to dev tools and CLI scripts for getting things done.

Atom Editor 1.18 Released with Rich Git Integration

A new version of the Atom editor available to download and it comes with a BIG new feature: deep Git and Github integration.

16 June 2017
kingsoft wps office

WPS Office for Linux 2016 Released (Update: Downloads Now Live)

A new version of WPS Office for Linux is available to download. It ships with new 'enhancements', including remote file sharing and improved performance.

15 June 2017
folder color thumbnail

How to Change Folder Colour on Ubuntu (The Easy Way)

Discover how to change folder color on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and above in this guide. We use a free utility that lets you instantly change folder color.

15 June 2017
firefox multiprocess

Firefox 54 Is Rolling Out on Ubuntu, but Multiprocess is Disabled

Ubuntu users can now upgrade the latest Firefox 54 release through Software Updater, but Firefox's new multiprocess handling is disabled by default.

14 June 2017
kde plasma vault

Plasma Vault Makes It Easy to Create Encrypted Folders on the KDE Desktop

Plasma Vault makes it quick and easy to create an encrypted folder on the KDE Plasma desktop in which to store files and other data you wish to keep private.

14 June 2017

Enable a Buckling Spring Keyboard Sound on Ubuntu Linux

If you want to hear a buckling spring keyboard sound for every key you press on your keyboard try BUcklespring, a novel app that's available to install on Linux as a Snap app.

14 June 2017
stacer 1.0.7

Linux System Utility ‘Stacer’ Updated with Process Monitoring Panel, New Look

A new version Stacer, an open-source system cleaning n’ tune-up tool for Linux desktops, is available to download. Stacer 1.0.7 ships with improved language support, adds in a choice of light or dark theme, and introduces […]

12 June 2017
clean ubuntu system

Ubunsys Gives Ubuntu Users Easy Access to Scary Options

Today I came across Ubunsys, an advanced system utility for Ubuntu 17.04, and I think power users among you may find it useful. Ubunsys, which is under active development and not yet considered stable, exposes various […]

9 June 2017
Skype plus tux linux mascot

The Native Skype Linux App Will Stop Working July 1

If you use Skype 4.3 on Linux I've some bad news as Microsoft has said the Qt Skype Linux app will no longer work from July 1, 2017.

4 June 2017
twitter lite desktop app

Chirp is a Simple Electron Twitter Client

I came across a new Electron Twitter client today called Chirp — and I sort of had to write about it. See, I’ve written of my love for Twitter Lite, the social networking site’s new mobile experience before, and recommended […]

2 June 2017
kodi snap app

Kodi, the Popular Media Center, Is Now Available as a Snap App

A snap of Kodi, the hugely popular open-source media center software, is available for testing. Announcing the snap package on the Kodi forum, Kodi team member ‘DaVu‘ explains that with “more snap packages are available for Ubuntu-based systems” they […]

31 May 2017

Standard Notes is an Open-Source Encrypted Notes App

Standard Notes is an encrypted note taking app available for free on Linux, macOS, Windows, Android, iOS, and the web. And yup, in case you were wondering, it’s also totally open source. Linux isn’t short of note […]

30 May 2017