Stacer is an Ubuntu cleaner app

Ubuntu system cleaner Stacer has a brand new release — and a brand new codebase.

The popular utility, which is best described as a cross between CCleaner for Ubuntu and a regular system monitor, has been rewritten in C++ for its latest release.

Yup, the Ubuntu cleaner app has binned Electron — news that will please many of you, I’m sure!

The rewrite also means the app now uses fewer resources when running, and is, overall, more responsive too.

The layout of the app is largely unchanged but there are some minor UI tweaks, including new icons, layout tweaks and some new animations. The utility picks up few new tricks too, like being able to control system services that startup at boot time.

There’s also a much improved System Cleaner section:

stacer ubuntu cleaner gif

Whether you want to free space on Ubuntu by getting rid of cache and config cruft, or get a grip on start-up items, Stacer is the perfect tool for the job, letting you:

  • Monitor system resources including CPU
  • Free space by cleaning caches, logs, etc
  • Bulk remove apps and packages
  • Add/edit/disable start-up applications
  • Stop/start system services

How to install Stacer on Ubuntu

stare ubuntu cleaner C++

Stacer is a 64-bit only application and isn’t available from the standard Ubuntu repositories. To install Stacer on Ubuntu you need to download the following package:

Download Stacer for Ubuntu

h/t Doug

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