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Sid Meier’s Civilization V Now Available on Linux

We already knew the next game in the series – Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth – would support Linux at launch, but today's launch of Civilization V on Linux comes as a surprise.

10 June 2014
virtualbox in ubuntu unity dash

Install USB drivers for VirtualBox on Ubuntu

Experiencing vague Code 10 errors in your VirtualBox Windows 7 guests on Ubuntu hosts? Don't panic; here's how to fix it up for good.

6 April 2014

Get Your (Linux) Game On: Steam Autumn Sale Highlights

Brush away the fluff from under your mouse, crack those knuckles and sound the bargain klaxon – the latest Steam sale is upon us!

29 November 2013
security key

Manage Passwords Securely in Ubuntu with KeePassX

I recently tried out some secure password managers to try and find something not only secure, but also easy to use and cross-platform.

12 October 2013

Canonical Launches ‘Ubuntu Voice’ Initiative, Aims to Harness User Feedback

Canonical has today launched a new initiative designed to help shape the future of Ubuntu, the way users want it.

10 September 2013
Logitech F710 gaming controller

How To Use And Configure Your Xbox 360 Controller on Linux

Having trouble making your Xbox 360 Controller work on Linux? This-depth guide shows you how to use the free xbxdrv to get up and running.

29 July 2013
Chromium daily build

[How To] Install Daily builds of Chrome in Ubuntu

Accessing daily builds of Google's Chrome browser in Ubuntu is a bit of a fuss compared to that on Windows and Mac. Users of those platforms can install the Chrome Canary builds - a sort of pseudo-daily build that offers the latest bleeding edge features, but running insulated from any other version of Chrome installed. In Ubuntu things are less clear cut.

28 December 2012
Gazelle Professional Keyboard

The System76 Gazelle Professional: Just How Good Is It? [Review]

The Gazelle Professional is the flagship laptop from Ubuntu computer maker's System76. I've spent the last month testing it, having blindly invested a thousand pounds into a finely tuned version of the laptop after hearing great comments about it. Was it worth the money? Read on to see...

8 September 2012
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Tom’s Top 5 Apps for Ubuntu

This is a guest post by Tom Slominski, a 15 year old Ubuntu user who 'loves Linux, open source and web development with a tad of alternative rock sprinkled on top.' Here Tom runs through his top 5 app picks for Ubuntu.

17 May 2012