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First Look at Brackets for Linux – The Open Source Editor from Adobe

Adobe’s open source editor has finally come to Linux after months of hard work by the community. We've given it a quick overview to give you a taste of Adobe's latest efforts.

17 August 2013

Installing and Using Sublime Text In Ubuntu

Sublime Text has gained a massive following since its release over five years ago. If you're looking for extensibility and a modern UI, Sublime Text might just be the editor for you.

23 June 2013

How To Install on Ubuntu is a GUI frontend for Compass' command line tool.

15 June 2013

Humble Double Fine Bundle Mega-Review

Still unsure whether Double Fine’s Humble Bundle is worth the money and bandwidth? With only six days left to claim your copies, we go hands-on with every game to help you decide…

15 May 2013

‘Half-Life 2’ Hits Linux, Available on Steam

Valve's lauded first-person shooter Half-Life 2 has finally arrived on Linux. Half-Life 2's debut for Linux through Steam comes just after Valve's release of Portal for Linux last week.

10 May 2013
unity desktop tile

Ubuntu Announce Unity Next, Will Be Written in Qt/QML

With the announcement of the new Mir display server, Canonical have begun the next major, multi-device shift for the Unity project: Unity Next.

4 March 2013

Adventures in Magical Realism: Kentucky Route Zero Act I [Review]

Two years after a successful Kickstarter campaign, indie developers Cardboard Computer offer a magical realist journey in Kentucky Route Zero.

27 February 2013

Torchlight: Diablo-Inspired Action RPG [Review]

Between all the Humble Indie Bundle games to land on Linux thus far, few have a team as distinguished as Torchlight's.

27 December 2012

Sidescroller Run Off: Bit.Trip Runner Vs Canabalt [Review]

Amongst the mélange of Humble Indie Bundle titles are two side-scrollers with similar, yet unique takes on well-timed spacebar mashing: Canabalt and Bit.Trip Runner. These titles aren't the sprawling role-playing games and first person shooters of large studio productions, but nevertheless encapsulate the art of video games in their humble, yet pleasing experiences.

9 December 2012

Hands on With ‘RC Mini Racers’ for Ubuntu [Review]

'RC Mini Racers' joins a procession of successful games making their way to Linux and the Ubuntu Software Center. Having spent several weeks at the top spot of the Mac App Store's 'Top Free Games' chart, as well as several months inside the top 10, this title offers Linux gamers another taste of the burgeoning interest in Linux as a gaming platform.

3 December 2012