I wrote about Superpaper, an advanced multi-monitor wallpaper tool for Linux and Windows last year, finding it particularly good at what it sets out to do.

Well it’s been improved. Superpaper recently got a sizeable update and, no joke: version 2.0 is even better at managing multi-monitor background set-ups than the first version was.

As well as a revamped UI, the latest version of the tool offers ‘improved’ pixel density correction and perspective corrections, plus a raft of smaller, subtle enhancements.

While apps like Hydrapaper (among many others) cater to multi-monitor use cases they’re somewhat simplistic in how they approach it, i.e.: pick an image for each monitor, set it, done.

Superpaper is more advanced.

Like, crazy more advanced

While the app does indeed let you set a different background for each monitor it also has powerful wallpaper spanning options for using a single image across multiple monitors.

And I mean real spanning here as the app take the size and width of display bezels into account to maintain visual parity in the chosen image (see the hero image for this in action).

superpaper screenshot
SuperPaper in action

Superpaper is now every inch a DisplayFusion alternative for Linux (and indeed Windows as it is cross platform).

The tool works with a raft of well-known Linux window managers and desktop environments including Cinnamon, Budgie, KDE Plasma, Xfce, i3 (via feh), and GNOME Shell (which is what the Ubuntu desktop uses).

If you (or someone you know) is looking for an advanced wallpaper manager for multi monitor set-ups then the change-log attached to Superpaper 2.0 sounds like it’ll be well worth checking out.

You can download Superpaper for Windows and Linux direct from the project’s GitHub releases page. Linux builds are provided in the form of standalone AppImage file. This works on any modern Linux distro, Ubuntu included.

Note: For wallpapers to be set correctly, you must set your OS background fitting option to “Span”.

If you like the app you can contribute to its development through GitHub sponsors.

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