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superpaper screenshot

Superpaper 2.0 is an Advanced Multi-Monitor Wallpaper App for Windows & Linux

I wrote about Superpaper, an advanced multi-monitor wallpaper tool for Linux and Windows, last year, finding it particularly good at what it sets out to do.

5 May 2020
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Superpaper is an Advanced Multi-Monitor Wallpaper Tool for Linux

Superpaper is an advanced multi monitor wallpaper tool for Linux and Windows desktops with bezel correction, PPI correction, and alignment testing.

17 May 2019
different wallpaper on monitor on ubuntu desktop

Set a Different Wallpaper for Each Monitor on Ubuntu

Want to set different wallpapers on separate monitors? We spotlight a new app that lets you do that on the Ubuntu and GNOME desktop.

24 January 2018

Ubuntu Works with GNOME to Improve HiDPI Support on Linux Desktop

I’m yet to experience Ubuntu or GNOME on a HiDPI screen, so I can’t attest to how well things currently work, but I do know that some big improvements are coming. Canonical is playing host […]

6 June 2017

Brightness Controller 2.0 Lets You Adjust External Monitor Brightness, Temp

Brightness Controller is a simple app that lets you adjust external monitor brightness independently of your main display, as well as change temperature.

29 May 2017
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Ubuntu 12.04 Multi-Monitor Launcher Behaviour Decided

We recently ran a poll in conjunction with the Ubuntu Design Team to seek out your preferred option for the default Unity launcher behaviour for multi-monitor usage in Ubuntu 12.04. Almost 13,000 of you voted in that poll, and, based on those results, a decision on the default behaviour has been decided by the Ubuntu Design Team.

20 March 2012