Mozilla Firefox 76.0 is now available to download for Windows, macOS and Linux.

The latest update to the perennially popular web browser sees a raft of security-minded enhancements introduced, including “added protection to keep your passwords safe.”

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How does the browser do that? Well assuming you use Firefox Lockwise (the built-in password manager included in Firefox) then you will now be notified when a website you have saved login info for is breached.

Furthermore, if login data on a breached website matches login data for another site (because you use the same password) you’ll also be alerted.

The browser also beefs up its automated password generator to work with more website sign-up forms.

Elsewhere there’s polish to Firefox’s picture-in-picture mode, chiefly through the addition of a “full screen” action (double-click on the floating window to go full screen, repeat to go back to the floating window).

Additionally, the mildly controversial address bar introduced in Firefox 75 is tweaked slightly. The shadow around the address bar field is now not quite so large. Those with touchscreen may appreciate the increased padding on the bookmarks toolbar to accommodate fingers.

Firefox is free, open source software for Windows, macOS and Linux. You can download the latest stable release of the browser direct from the Firefox website:

Download Mozilla Firefox

Ubuntu users can upgrade to Firefox 76 using the built-in software update tool (as can those running related distributions like Linux Mint, elementary OS and Zorin OS). It often takes a day or two to roll out, so do be patient.

Impatient? Well, Linux users can already get the latest update from Flathub:

Mozilla Firefox on Flathub

Or from the Snap Store:

Mozilla Firefox on the Snap Store

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