Firefox 75 screenshot

The new Firefox 75 release is out — and so is the first official release of the browser as a Flatpak app.

You may recall we mentioned a Firefox Flatpak build was headed to Flathub, the de-facto Flatpak App Store, a few weeks back. With the release of Firefox 75 that build, the very first Firefox Flatpak release, is now formally available to all.

Firefox 75 address bar linux text selection
Select text faster in the Address Bar

Flatpak aside, Linux users of Firefox also benefit from word selection in the address bar and search box that is consistent with macOS and Windows platforms, e.g., a single click selects no words; a double click selects a whole word; a triple click selects all words.

A small but appreciated change — if only by me, at least!

Firefox 75 address bar shows top sites
Easy access to your top sites

Address bars changes don’t stop there. Firefox 75 shows a list of top sites in the address bar drop down when you first click inside the address bar, highlights search terms in search term auto-suggestions, and makes it easy to perform ‘one time’ searches with non-default search providers.

All of the address bar changes, say Mozilla in a blog post, are aimed at ‘making search easier than ever’. Let me know if you think it does (or doesn’t) in the comments!

Download Firefox 75

Mozila Firefox 75 is free, open source software available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Don’t use ut? You can download Firefox 75 from the browser’s official website for all major desktop operating systems (including Linux):

Download Mozilla Firefox

As mentioned, you can now install Firefox from Flathub too:

View Mozilla Firefox on Flathub

But if you run a supported version of Ubuntu (or an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution) you can upgrade to Firefox 75 via the system update tool from today.

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