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Mozilla Now Provide Firefox Beta & Developer Edition Debs

Mozilla now provides Deb builds of Firefox Beta and Firefox Developer Edition for Debian-based Linux distributions (y’know, like Ubuntu) Just like the Firefox Nightly Debs Mozilla announced back in October, Debian packages for Firefox beta […]

2 December 2023

Firefox 120 Adds New Privacy Options, PIP Snapping + More

Mozilla Firefox 120 has landed, bringing with it a flurry of new features and improvements. Firefox 120 now supports corner snapping for Picture-in-Picture (PIP) mode on Windows and Linux. This puts a PIP window back […]

21 November 2023

Mozilla Makes Firefox Nightly Easier to Install on Ubuntu

Mozilla has announced a new APT repository to make it easier to install Firefox Nightly builds on Debian-based Linux distros, including Ubuntu.

30 October 2023
Firefox 119

Firefox 119 Lets You Add Images to PDFs, Import Chrome Extensions

Mozilla Firefox 119 is now available to download. The latest update to the open-source web browser brings a set of improvements that enhance its usefulness, both for those using it full-time and those looking to […]

24 October 2023

Firefox 118 Released With Killer New Feature

Reading websites written in other languages is made MUCH easier in the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, which rolls out across all supported platforms today. You no longer need to copy and paste text in […]

26 September 2023
half of a firefox logo and half of an ubuntu logo against a speed background

Ubuntu 23.10 Runs Firefox in Wayland Mode by Default

Most of us using Ubuntu use the Mozilla Firefox Snap preinstalled by default — and in Ubuntu 23.10 that package comes with a big below-the-surface change. Ubuntu defaults to Wayland but the Firefox Snap currently […]

18 September 2023

Firefox for Linux Adds Rounded Bottom Corners

Mozilla Firefox is bringing rounded bottom corners to its Linux builds. Getting official support means you’ll no longer need to use a third-party GNOME extension to force rounded corners in the browser. The change will […]

6 September 2023

Firefox 117 Released With Minor (And I Mean Minor) Changes

Mozilla Firefox 117 is now rolling out to users across Windows, macOS, and Linux. But don’t get excited about its arrival, okay? Given the rapid release cadence this browser uses the days of blockbuster, feature-packed […]

29 August 2023

Firefox Tests Privacy-Friendly Web Page Translations

Web page translations are available in the latest beta builds of Mozilla Firefox. Google Chrome’s built-in translation capabilities are something I find useful. Whenever I load a web page not in my native tongue (which […]

9 August 2023
firefox logo on an orange background

Mozilla Firefox 116 is Now Available to Download

A new month means and a new version of Mozilla Firefox is available to download. Firefox 116 carries a modest crop of changes that further refine and finesse the famed FOSS browser. Do you use […]

1 August 2023
firefox logo on an orange background

Firefox 115 Released with Intel GPU Video Decoding on Linux

A brand new version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser is rolling out — and it’s a real doozy. Linux users with Intel GPUs will be THRILLED to hear that Mozilla Firefox 115 finally supports […]

4 July 2023
firefox logo on an orange background

Firefox 114 Released with DNS over HTTPS Tweaks, FIDO2 Support

You know the deal: the world spins, a month passes, and a new version of Mozilla Firefox is released for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Firefox 114 arrives on schedule, with a few notable enhancements, a […]

5 June 2023