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Firefox 100 is Now Available to Download 🥳

Mozilla Firefox 100 is available to download. The new release includes new site theme options, subtitles in picture-in-picture mode, and Linux bug fixes.

3 May 2022
install firefox apt not snap on ubuntu

How to Install Firefox as a .Deb on Ubuntu 22.04 (Not a Snap)

A short guide on how to install Firefox from a PPA on Ubuntu 22.04 and remove the Firefox Snap. Doing this gets you a faster Firefox that can do more OOTB.

24 April 2022
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Firefox 99 Released with GTK Overlay Scrollbar Support, Fixes

A new month, a new release of Mozilla Firefox — though as we’ve come to expect from its expedited release schedule, the changes are relatively minor. What’s new? Well, a lots of folks, including Mozilla […]

5 April 2022
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Firefox 98 Released, Promises to Nag Less During Downloads

Firefox 98 won't go down as one of the browser's greatest releases but there's still stuff to talk about, like a download flow that's a bit more chill.

7 March 2022
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Firefox ’97 Released with a Modest Clutch of Changes

A new version of Mozilla Firefox is now available to download. But don't get too excited as Firefox 97 is a very minor update with few major changes.

8 February 2022

Firefox 96 is Available to Download, This is What’s New

We look at what's new in Firefox 96, show a few screenshots, and give you a download link you don't need as Ubuntu comes with Firefox pre-installed.

11 January 2022
Linux Mint logo

Linux Mint Announces Major New Partnership with Mozilla

Linux Mint has confirmed it's made a new deal with Mozilla that will change the way Firefox is included in the popular Ubuntu-based Linux distro.

10 January 2022

Updated: Adwaita Fan? Check Out This Epic Theme for Firefox

This Adwaita theme for Mozilla Firefox transforms the browser's appearance into one more suited to the modern Linux desktop. Learn how to get it inside!

10 January 2022
Firefox unimpressed emoji

I Hate to Say It, But Firefox: You’re Becoming Annoying

Firefox tells me about Mozilla VPN every time I open the browser. In this post I let off some steam about it, and detail how to disable it.

30 December 2021
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Firefox 95 Released, This is What’s New

Firefox 95 is rolling out to users on Windows, macOS and Linux. This update has a new security feature and enhanced support for Slack. More details inside.

6 December 2021

Firefox 94 Released with Big Performance Improvements

Firefox 94 is rolling out to Ubuntu users. The latest version carries a considerable set of changes aimed at improving the browser's performance on Linux.

2 November 2021
a screenshot of Firefox 93 showing an AVIF image successfully loaded

Firefox 93 Released with AVIF Support, Insecure Download Protection

Firefox 93 adds support for AVIF image files, makes PDF form filling more robust, and protects against insecure downloads. More details? Find 'em inside.

4 October 2021