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GNOME and STF logo

GNOME Receives €1M Investment from Sovereign Tech Fund

Heard of the Sovereign Tech Fund? I hadn’t, but the GNOME project has bagged itself a whopping €1 million investment from them. GNOME plans to use the cash to “modernize the platform, improve tooling and […]

9 November 2023

Want More Wallpapers in Ubuntu? Install GNOME Backgrounds

Wallpapers – you know I love ’em. Ubuntu 23.04 comes with a small selection of (largely lobster themed) wallpapers out of the box. The choice isn’t vast or varied so you may find yourself looking […]

4 May 2023
GNOME Shell screenshot with white text that reads "GNOME 44"

GNOME 44 is Here, And It’s Packed with Improvements

The GNOME project has announced the release of a new version of their hugely popular open-source desktop environment. GNOME 44 includes a number of core improvements spanning eye-catching new features through to more subtle enhancements […]

22 March 2023
mouse highlight effect

How to Highlight Mouse Cursor in Ubuntu (No App Required)

Mouse cursor effects are a great way to draw attention to an area of the screen during screencasts and presentations. Here's how to enable one in Ubuntu.

5 January 2023
nautilus annotations extension on ubuntu

Annotate Files & Folders in Nautilus with this Extension

This neat extension for the Nautilus file manager allows you to right-click on files and folders to write text notes (with Markdown support) or add emblems.

23 December 2022

This New Icon Theme Offers Adwaita-Style Icons for 3rd Party Apps

The 'MoreWaita' icon theme is a community-based project providing Adwaita style icons for a swathe of Linux apps, including VLC, Steam, Krita, and Spotify.

2 December 2022

GNOME 43 Has Been Released, This is What’s New

Whether you’re an eager GNOME acolyte or just a casual admirer, there is a lot to enjoy in the latest version of the GNOME desktop environment. GNOME 43 arrives six months after the (rather) substantial GNOME 42 […]

21 September 2022
Evolution with header bar

Evolution Email Client Now Uses a Headerbar/CSD

Evolution email client (though it can do a lot more besides email too) is sporting a MAJOR UI change in the latest development builds: CSD, at long last!

4 September 2022
gnome 43

These are the Best New Features in GNOME 43

In this article I share the best new features in GNOME 43 and its many improvements. There's lots to see, including a MAJOR redesign of the status menu.

17 August 2022

GNOME Devs Bring New List View to Nautilus File Manager

Rubber banding, a cute animation, and fixes for several long-standing inconsistencies feature in the latest development builds of the Nautilus file manager.

26 June 2022

GNOME Devs Mockup the Linux Image Viewer I’ve Been Dreaming Of

In this post I get a little giddy over revised mockups from a GNOME designer that showcase the image viewer app I've dreamed of. Come mock me for it!

20 June 2022

Microsoft Gives $10k to GNOME for… Being Awesome, Basically

GNOME is set to receive a $10,000 boost from Microsoft. Don't panic: they're not trying to buy influence, but 'give back' to free software projects it uses.

16 June 2022