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‘GNOME Tweak Tool’ Has Been Renamed

GNOME Tweak Tool, the handy advanced settings utility for the GNOME desktop, has changed its name to the shortened title of 'GNOME Tweaks'.

20 July 2017
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GNOME Tweak Tool Now Lets You Move the GNOME Application Menu out of the Top Bar

A new development snapshot of GNOME Tweak Tool is available to download, and it surfaces yet another really useful GNOME feature.

20 June 2017
GNOME Tweak Tool on UBuntu

GNOME Tweak Tool Update Lets You Move Windows Controls

A new version of the GNOME Tweak Tool is available for testing in Ubuntu 17.10 — and it includes some nifty new options! You can read a full surmise of the changes in the GNOME […]

8 June 2017