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Create wifi hotspot on ubuntu

How to Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot on Ubuntu

In this guide I show you how to create a wifi hotspot on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and the recent Ubuntu 23.04 release. Why would you want to do this? Well, before able to share your […]

5 May 2023
framework laptop ubuntu

How to Disable Animations in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

It's easy to disable animations in Ubuntu 22.04. You don't need extra apps or commands; a setting to turn off UI effects is now present in the Settings app.

10 May 2022
a mouse pointer

How to Change Mouse Cursor on Ubuntu

I recently covered a cool Linux cursor theme called Phinger, which prompted a few of you to ask if I could write a simple guide about how to change cursor theme in Ubuntu. So I […]

16 March 2022

How to Instantly Log Out of Ubuntu From a Terminal

To log out of Ubuntu desktop session from the command line run the gnome-session-quit command, adding the --no-prompt flag to log out instantly.

24 August 2021
how to minimize on click in ubuntu

Quickly Enable Minimise on Click in Ubuntu Dock

Want clicking an app icon in the Ubuntu Dock to minimise the app window instead of bringing it to the foreground? The way Ubuntu Dock works may seem odd to someone used to Windows Ubuntu’s […]

20 July 2021
How to install Visual Studio Code on Ubuntu

How to Install Visual Studio Code on Ubuntu

Visual Studio Code is a powerful and popular open source code editor from Microsoft. In this post I show you how to install VSCode on Ubuntu 20.04 and up.

24 June 2021
text that says install docker on Ubuntu with docker logo

How to Install Docker on Ubuntu (Easy Guide)

Installing Docker on Ubuntu 20.04 is easy, and in this short guide we show you how easy! You learn how to install Docker on your system, step-by-step.

20 January 2021
instal Microsoft Edge on ubuntu linux

How to Install Microsoft Edge on Ubuntu & Linux Mint

Learn how to install Microsoft Edge on Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and related distributions. It's easy, and only requires a couple of quick steps, so read on…

19 January 2021
Enable weather gnome shell

See Time Zones and Weather in Ubuntu’s Message Tray

GNOME Shell allows you to view weather forecasts and timezones for different locations inside the message tray (also known as the notification area). This eliminates the need to open separate weather apps or install additional […]

4 April 2020
how to remove the trash icon in ubuntu

How To Remove the Trash Icon from Ubuntu Desktop

A trash can icon appears on the desktop of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and up by default, but not everyone likes it being there. Thankfully it’s easy to remove the trash icon from the Ubuntu desktop, […]

4 March 2020

Essential Guide: How to Change Theme on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS & Above

Learn how to change theme in Ubuntu quickly and easily, without terminal commands or odd apps. In fact, you already have everything you need to do it.

17 February 2020

How to Remove a PPA from Ubuntu or Linux Mint

Learn how to remove a PPA from Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and other Linux distros in this simple guide, which shows you how to remove apt repositories safely.

1 December 2019