Ubuntu 13.04’s Unity desktop will not ship with a new in-Dash payment feature as originally proposed. 

The feature, which allows users to complete Ubuntu One Music Store purchases without needing to open a browser, has been postponed until Ubuntu 13.10.

News of the decision comes but a day after a video was posted demoing the Payment Previews process.

Why Delayed?

Developer Olli Ries, in a post to the Ubuntu Devel Mailing list explains the reason for the delay:

“…we ran into an authentication issue and it couldn’t be determined in time whether this is a client or server issue. As this feature is dealing with sensitive information (credit card) we are taking our responsibility to not putting users at risk.”

A wise decision, I think you’ll all agree.

But it’s not all bad news. Much like other new Unity features recently rescinded from Raring’s line up, Payment Previews could yet appear in a PPA for the more adventurous to install.

For a view of how the feature worked, just hit play on the video below.

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