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How To Add Shutdown, Restart Options to Ubuntu’s Unity Dash

Without turning to Google, do you know the terminal command needed to log out of Unity? If not, Power Commands brings a slew of session commands to the Dash.

6 March 2014

Unity’s Slick New Payment Feature Postponed Until Ubuntu 13.10

Ubuntu 13.04's Unity desktop will not ship with a new in-Dash payment feature as originally proposed.

3 April 2013

In-Dash Music Purchasing Proposed for Ubuntu 13.04

Ubuntu 13.04 wants to let users buy music from the Ubuntu One Music Store directly from the Dash - no web-browser transactions needed. But 'want' doesn't always 'get'.

2 April 2013

New Dash Icons Proposed for Ubuntu 13.04

Updated navigation bar icons for the Unity Dash have been proposed for Ubuntu 13.04. The updated designs by Matthieu James iterate rather than overhaul those currently used in Ubuntu.

12 December 2012

More Online Results Heading to Ubuntu Dash in 13.04

More online integration is coming to Ubuntu in its next release, Canonical have announced. Ubuntu 13.04 will 'fulfil' the goal of the Unity Dash to be a one-stop global search tool. It will include more 'Scopes', a new relevancy ranking system, and a wider range of commercial product suggestions.

7 December 2012
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Precise Update Removes Giant Shortcuts from Dash

We previously mentioned that the 'Giant Shortcuts' in Unity's Dash were being given the ol' heave-ho in Ubuntu 12.04. That update has now landed in the Unity PPA ahead of its push to Ubuntu 12.04.

31 January 2012

[How To] Change The Unity Dash Color in Ubuntu 11.10

Ubuntu 12.04 adds a (much longed for) option to choose your own custom color for the Unity Dash. In Ubuntu 11.10 however the Dash colour is not configurable and relies solely on the 'Chameleon' approach (unless you've braved the upgrade to Unity 5.0). So what to do if you really wish your Dash was another colour, but don't fancy switching through reams of wallpapers to try and 'get it'? Reader Guillaume mailed in with a trick so simple you'll kick yourself as to why you didn't know about it sooner.

25 January 2012
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Unity’s Dash to Ditch Giant Shortcuts

Not a fan of the 8 giant shortcuts in the Unity Dash? Ubuntu 12.04 might just present you with something different... Ubuntu developers are testing a new layout for the Unity 'Home Lens'.

19 January 2012

[How to] Install Unity 5.0 in Ubuntu 11.10

Unity 5.0 hit Ubuntu 12.04 last night, but Ubuntu 11.10 users don't need to miss out: Unity 5.0 is also available to install in Oneiric.

14 January 2012
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Help Test a Unity Dash-based Calculator

Do your calculations through the Ubuntu Dash with this nifty Unity Scope.

21 November 2011
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Ubuntu 11.10 Update: New Software Centre Icon, Unity Changes, Window Controls, More

With the Ubuntu 11.10 User Interface and Beta freeze happening on the same day it was inevitable that a lot of updates would be firing out of the update canon thick and fast. Rather than bore you with too much exposition why don't we dive right on in and take a gander and some of the most notable changes Ubuntu 11.10 is snow sporting...

25 August 2011
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Revamped Dash Design Shown Off for Ubuntu 11.10

Changes to the way the Unity Dash looks and behaves in Ubuntu 11.10 are on the way. In the Unity 2D development branch some of this work can already be seen. Better still we're told much of the same design is planned for regular 'ol Unity.

11 August 2011