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News, tips and features on the Unity desktop environment, the default shell in Ubuntu.

Ubuntu’s Unity Desktop Lives On …in Anime!?

Unity is no longer the jewel in Ubuntu’s crown, but the much-loved desktop is still out there, sparkling. And I don’t mean on computers, but in anime!

13 January 2020

Ubuntu Dock Will Show Trash and Removable Device Icons

An Ubuntu Dock trash icon and support for listing removable devices are among the improvements headed to the desktop dock in Ubuntu 19.10.

4 September 2019
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Thumbnail

Big Unity Desktop Update Coming to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

A big update to the Unity desktop stack is heading to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, including a security fix that allowed the lock screen to be bypassed on some systems.

1 December 2017
Ubuntu Unity desktop

Miss Unity? An ‘Ubuntu Unity Remix’ Could Be on the Way…

A new Ubuntu flavor that uses the Unity 7 desktop by default is under discussion. The plans have already won backing from a former Unity developer.

17 November 2017
Ubuntu mouse by Shannon Black

A Small Unity Feature Missing in GNOME Shell [Video]

A world of change is headed to Ubuntu as the distro switches from Unity to GNOME Shell. Long time Unity users accustomed to the workflow, feature set and quirks of Ubuntu’s incumbent releases will need […]

9 August 2017

Ubuntu MATE 17.10 Alpha 2 Released, Includes HUD, Global Menu

Ubuntu MATE 17.10 Alpha 2 is now available to download and if you're a big fan of the Unity desktop you're going to love what's on offer.

28 July 2017
ubuntu 17.10

Latest Ubuntu 17.10 Update Ditches the Unity Desktop, Installs GNOME

And so it begins: the Unity desktop and related packages have been removed from the ‘seeds’ used to build Ubuntu 17.10. As previously announced, Ubuntu 17.10 will ship with GNOME Shell as the default desktop environment in place of […]

1 June 2017
low graphics mode unity 7

Unity 7 To Get an Easy Way to Enable Low Graphics Mode

A more accessible way to enable low graphics mode on Unity 7 may be on the way. The desktop already supports a low graphics mode of sorts, which can be enabled via Compiz. But this is far a) not easy […]

27 April 2017
ubuntu unity desktop features

12 Features That Made Unity The Best Linux Desktop

12 Ubuntu Unity desktop features that help make it the best Linux desktop environment available, including the HUD, Unity Dash and Smart Scopes.

26 April 2017
A question mark in a circle

Poll: Have You Tried GNOME Shell As a Result of Recent Ubuntu News?

Have you installed, tried or used GNOME Shell as a result of the recent Unity bombshell news? That's what we're asking you in this week's reader poll.

18 April 2017
enjade kde

Enjade Wants to Recreate the Unity Desktop on KDE Plasma

Enjade is a new project that aims to recreate the Unity desktop experience atop KDE Plasma, including features such as the Unity Dash.

17 April 2017

How To Change the Dash to Dock App Launcher Icon

If you want to make GNOME Shell look like Unity using Dash to Dock, here's how to change the app launcher icon to the Unity BFB icon.

12 April 2017