Ubuntu 12.04 adds a (much longed for) option to choose your own custom color for the Unity Dash.

The familiar ‘chameleonic‘ approach, whereby the colouring used in the Dash is derived from your desktop wallpaper, remains the default, but this can be ‘over-ridden’ by specifying a color in the Compiz Settings Manager app.

In Ubuntu 11.10 however the Dash colour is not configurable and relies solely on the ‘Chameleon’ approach (unless you’ve braved the upgrade to Unity 5.0).

So what to do if you really wish your Dash was another colour, but don’t fancy switching through reams of wallpapers to try and ‘get it’? Reader Guillaume mailed in with a trick so simple you’ll kick yourself as to why you didn’t know about it sooner.

If you change the color of the pixel in the center of the wallpaper, it will change the color of unity [Dash].”

Sound fun? GIMP, Pinta or other capable graphics app should be able to assist you in altering the middle pixel to a shade more ‘you’.

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