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soli touch hack using ubuntu

How Ubuntu Is Helping To Give Computers A Sense of Touch…

Ubuntu is being used to help computers learn to touch…

7 October 2016
Skype plus tux linux mascot

This Simple Hack Lets You Make Skype for Web Calls on Linux

This simple hack will let you make Skype voice calls using Skype for Web on Linux.

16 May 2016

How to Enable ‘Minimise On Click’ in Unity 7 on Ubuntu 14.04

A third-party PPA offers Ubuntu users the chance to install a version of the Unity desktop that includes a long-requested launcher feature — 'minimise on click'.

5 March 2014
blue yeti microphone ubuntu

[How To] Turn Headphone Jack to a Microphone Jack in Ubuntu

Several years back developer David Henningsson created a small app that ttys to turns a regular ol' laptop headphone jack into a microphone input jack - and in this post we show you how to use it.

2 December 2013

Nautilus Patch Brings Missing File Manager Features Back to Ubuntu

Over the last year or so Nautilus, the default file manager in GNOME and Ubuntu, has gone through various UI changes. But not all of these changes have been popular. Nautilus Patch is a small hack that lets you re-enable some previously removed toolbar options, including 'Up', 'Edit location toogle' and hiding the search box.

23 July 2012

[How to] Remove Multiple Players from Ubuntu Sound Menu

With several media players installed the Ubuntu Sound Menu can quickly become over populated - so how do you go about removing entries? With a bit of elbow grease, it seems.

16 July 2012

[How To] Change The Unity Dash Color in Ubuntu 11.10

Ubuntu 12.04 adds a (much longed for) option to choose your own custom color for the Unity Dash. In Ubuntu 11.10 however the Dash colour is not configurable and relies solely on the 'Chameleon' approach (unless you've braved the upgrade to Unity 5.0). So what to do if you really wish your Dash was another colour, but don't fancy switching through reams of wallpapers to try and 'get it'? Reader Guillaume mailed in with a trick so simple you'll kick yourself as to why you didn't know about it sooner.

25 January 2012

Reduce the Firefox 4 menu button to an icon in Linux

Firefox 4 comes with many new features not least of which is a ruddy fat 'menu bar' button when the traditional menu bar is hidden. Reducing it to just an icon is a relatively easy 'hack' and the result is far easier on the eye....

17 January 2011
Placeholder koala image

Elementary’s new Wingpanel in action

I took some time today to fight with libindicators and fix some issues the current wingpanel. It is as a very experimental piece of software. And by no means is it the new panel for elementary.

22 December 2010
Placeholder koala image

Create Ubuntu-ized weapons in Call of Duty: Black Ops

If you suspect that Santa is bringing you a shiny new copy of FPS game Call of Duty: Black Ops this 'seasonal holiday' then bookmark this page now ready for next week!

15 December 2010

Bypass Adobe Flash GPU validation in Linux to improve performance

Boost flash performance by bypassing GPU validation.

19 November 2010