The call for creative folks to get designing Countdown Banners - small images ‘counting down’ days until a release that can be embedded in websites – for Ubuntu 11.10 has been made.

As in the past,the  ’Countdown Banner’ contest gives anyone willing to flex their design digits the chance to create a small 180px by 150px ‘widget’ counting down daily to Ubuntu’s release that will be seen by millions across the web.

We’ve recently featured a number of 3rd party similar creations here on OMG! Ubuntu! including an Ubuntu countdown widget for Android, a web banner for websites, and even an annoying notification bubble script. .

Designing a Banner

When designing your countdown banner there are a few things to bear in mind: –

  • Entries should be 180px wide by 150px high
  • Exported as optimised png, gif or jpg or
  • iframe (using HTML, CSS, JS and images;  and the use of PHP or Flash is not allowed)
  • Banners should focus on referencing “Ubuntu 11.10” in graphics, rather “Oneiric Ocelot”

The banner will need to countdown the days from Beta 2 to final release, meaning: –

  • 21 images numbering days ’21’ to ‘1’
  • 1 image for day 0 saying “Coming Soon”
  • 1 further for days past release saying “It’s Here”

Proposals should be submitted to the Countdown wiki page @ Entries need to be ready in advance of Beta 2 (September 22nd) – so you don’t have long!

For some inspiration check out the winning designs for Ubuntu 11.04 and Ubuntu 10.10.

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