The call for creative folks to get designing Countdown Banners- smallimages ‘counting down’ days until a release that can be embedded in websites –for Ubuntu 11.10 has been made.

As in the past,the ’Countdown Banner’ contest gives anyone willing to flex their design digits the chance to create a small 180px by 150px ‘widget’ counting down daily to Ubuntu’s release that will be seen by millions across the web.

We’ve recently featured a number of 3rd party similar creations here on OMG! Ubuntu! includingan Ubuntu countdown widget for Android, a web banner for websites, and even an annoyingnotification bubble script..

Designing a Banner

When designing your countdown banner there are a few things to bear in mind: –

  • Entries should be 180px wide by 150px high
  • Exported asoptimisedpng, gif or jpg or
  • iframe (using HTML, CSS, JS and images; and the use of PHP or Flash is not allowed)
  • Banners should focus on referencing “Ubuntu 11.10” in graphics, rather “Oneiric Ocelot”

The banner will need to countdown the days from Beta 2 to final release, meaning: –

  • 21 imagesnumbering days ’21’ to ‘1’
  • 1 image for day 0 saying “Coming Soon”
  • 1 further for days past release saying “It’s Here”

Proposals should be submitted to the Countdown wiki page @ to be ready in advance of Beta 2 (September 22nd) – so you don’t have long!

For some inspiration check out the winning designs for Ubuntu 11.04andUbuntu 10.10.

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