Unity 2D Tweak App Updated for 11.10

Users of Ubuntu’s Unity 2D desktop – the lighter, less resource hungry version of Unity – might wish to tweak certain part of their desktop – such as when or how the Launcher hides.

‘2D-Desktop Settings’ is a small third-party tool that provides users with a simple way to do just that

Ubuntu 11.10 GNOME Shell Guide

Ubuntu 11.10 finally provides the curious users with an easy, safe way to install and try out ‘GNOME Shell’ – the new desktop interface from GNOME.

In this guide we’ll show you how to install GNOME-Shell, learn the basic layout of its desktop, as well as learn some super handy tips to make using it that little bit easier…

Have You Upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10?

Okay, so Ubuntu 11.10 is barely hot off the servers but the question needs to be asked: have you already upgraded? Do you plan to do so shortly?

Perhaps you’ve decided to stick with the 10.04 LTS release or your finely tuned Ubuntu 11.04 set-up. Either way cast your vote in the poll inside and let the world know…