The latest version of the Ubuntu Unity interfacehas been released, and is available to install from the Ubuntu Desktop Team’s Unity PPA.

Being a bug fix release, Unity 3.8.16 sports the followingchange-log: –

  • Unable to load icon text-x-preview at size 48 in a loop (lp: #794556)
  • Display garbled upon restoring original resolution (lp: #795454)
  • Display garbled upon connecting external displays (lp: #795458)
  • Panel disappears after resolution change (lp: #795459)
  • Dragging the launcher with right mouse button isconfusing as menu pops up (lp: #735031)
  • In a double monitor setup the Unity top panel in the second screen iscut at the right (lp: #750481)
  • Launcher tooltips sometimes dont show (lp: #769335)
  • Menu key should open quicklist for the selected item in the launcher(lp: #750778)
  • Unity is spamming ~/.xsession-errors when windows are closed(lp: #767642)
  • Dash button ignores transparency when clicked. (lp: #767733)


Ubuntu 11.04 users can upgrade Unity by addingppa:ubuntu-desktop/ppa to the ‘Software Sources‘ dialog, then running Update Manager.

The Desktop Team Unity PPA for Unity isnotintended for everyday users but those needing the latest version of Unity – be it buggy or not.

Ubuntu 11.10 adopters will find the update hitting Update Manager shortly.

Via Chris. P.

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