The latest version of the Ubuntu Unity interface has been released, and is available to install from the Ubuntu Desktop Team’s Unity PPA.

Being a bug fix release, Unity 3.8.16 sports the following change-log: –

  • Unable to load icon text-x-preview at size 48 in a loop (lp: #794556)
  • Display garbled upon restoring original resolution (lp: #795454)
  • Display garbled upon connecting external displays (lp: #795458)
  • Panel disappears after resolution change (lp: #795459)
  • Dragging the launcher with right mouse button is confusing as menu pops up (lp: #735031)
  • In a double monitor setup the Unity top panel in the second screen is cut at the right (lp: #750481)
  • Launcher tooltips sometimes don“t show (lp: #769335)
  • Menu key should open quicklist for the selected item in the launcher (lp: #750778)
  • Unity is spamming ~/.xsession-errors when windows are closed (lp: #767642)
  • Dash button ignores transparency when clicked. (lp: #767733)


Ubuntu 11.04 users can upgrade Unity by adding ppa:ubuntu-desktop/ppa to the ‘Software Sources‘ dialog, then running Update Manager.

The Desktop Team Unity PPA for Unity is not intended for everyday users but those needing the latest version of Unity – be it buggy or not.

Ubuntu 11.10 adopters will find the update hitting Update Manager shortly.

Via Chris. P.

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